Intern: Assembly Industrial Engineering (Spring 2018)

Purpose of the Position
The Engineering internship role provides students with the opportunity to apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional environment, and to promote the graduate's career goals through contact with professionals in their field of study. The internship experience enables students to participate in professional activities for the Volvo Dublin, Virginia facility by working on important and innovative projects.
The internship role will be either Spring, Summer or Fall and can be extended by the company if the intern is willing and performs satisfactorily during the first intern period. The intern position will be full time (40 hours per week) during the summer and part time (12-20 hours per week) during the academic year.
Professional Objectives
During the internship, the student will be mentored and trained to perform the industrial engineering job. The intern will be exposed to many of the facets of industrial engineering both traditional industrial engineering roles and those that are more specific to a Volvo Trucks industrial engineer. Our goal is to secure that the intern have a full understanding of industrial engineering in the manufacturing environment and as much practical application as possible.
Skill Set Requirements and Minimum Education Requirements
Applicants must be pursuing an Engineering undergraduate degree at an accredited school and have completed 30 semester hours prior to the start of the internship
Applicants should be interested in pursuing a professional career in a manufacturing facility upon graduation
Applicants should also have a working knowledge of MSWord, MSExcel, and Computer Aided Drafting programs
Minimum GPA of 3.0

Don't Be Fooled

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